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Long time no Post
Nasir, Agron
OK, this will be short and sweet:

I got out of posting or reading LiveJournal several years ago (blame Facebook and AOS!).  Also my job took up a lot of time.  Regardless, due to my friend jenniferkaos I am going to give it another go!  So I hopefully will be around to post more often, and visit my communities and friends.  But right now, I gotta run, so later bitches!  :)

I'm posting poetry! WTF?
Paradise Of Strangers

We live in a crowded world
that flows by quickly
Everyday we see many
faces we do not know.

We boldly throw ourselves
into the masses,
trusting in the fellowship of others,
navigating through this bustling landscape,
this Paradise of Strangers.

Writer's Block: 9/11
Nasir, Agron
Where were you?
I was at work in Roanoke, VA. My friend & co-worker Alice came over and said that something had happened in NY, a plane had hit a building. After trying to look it up on the internet but not able to, due to so many people trying at the same time - then came word of the second plane and building hit. At that point, a tv was set up in another room, and we gathered around to watch the unbelievable. The company I worked for was Canadian owned, and around 11, or so, they sent us all home. I didn't want to be alone, so I went to my Granny's house, and watched the news the rest of the day. I will never forget.

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Nasir, Agron
Ok, I just have to say - FINALLY, I have really liked an episode since Moffet took over. The Girl Who Waited - THIS is what I've been waiting for. I actually cried a little at the end. I was interested and engaged in the plot, without becoming annoyed, or rolling my eyes in exasperation. If only there were more episodes like this, then I could find my passion for Doctor Who again.

For TGWW, I say Bravo! And that's saying something, coming from me.

Writer's Block: Scary movie
Nasir, Agron
OK, so I am not the biggest fan of scary movies by any stretch of the imagination.   I wouldn't be able to stomach the SAW movies, or The Hills Have Eyes - so things like that I know I can't handle - I just don't watch them.

I also don't have nightmares normally.  And if I do, they normally involve natural disasters - water, tornadoes, volcanoes.  I know, I'm weird.  But it has been quite a while since I have had nightmares that I remember, much less any that woke me up. 

However, for whatever reason, I decided to watch 2004's Dawn of the Dead.  Dawn of the Dead Poster
Now, I've watched Zombie movies before.   In fact, the very first movie I ever went to see in the theater as an adult - i.e., 2 days after I turned 18 and could see rated R movies - I went to see Return of the Dead 2.  Cringed a bit at some of the gory bits, but made it through with no lingering issues.

DOTD, on the other hand, really disturbed me.  The little girl at the beginning, the flight to the mall, the pregnant woman who gave birth to a Zombie baby - and then the ending really unnerved me.  Now, why I can watch other movies - even the same type (Zombies), and be just fine, and yet have this one disturb me so, enough to give me nightmares - I don't know.  But to this day, I've only seen it once - and I still have dreams every once in a blue moon of that movie that I remember when I wake up.  It definately freaked me out.
What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

Writer's Block: American idol
Nasir, Agron
What is the one song you must sing at karaoke?

I just love this song!

Bonnie Rait "I Can't Make You Love Me"

I can really rock that out :)

My former fav....
Weird. David Tennant
OK, here goes - my 2 cents worth.

I have not seen the last 2 Doctor Who episodes - not for anything other than I wasn't at home Saturday  - either night that the episodes were shown.  And I really don't care. Not one bit. 

Normally, I would be raving mad that I wasn't home to watch them.  But I find myself disconnected from Moffett's Doctor so badly - I really don't give a hoot about the show right now.  River?  Don't give a flying fig who she is  or isn't or might be - and to all those speculation posts about this little thing or that - makes my head hurt.  And that's sad.  I used to be the one all excited about the show - read every post, considered every possible possibility.

And now, the Doctor is just running off without me - and I'm distractedly half-waving bye while my head is turning on to other things.  I feel sad - and yet I'm relieved, b/c I'm not invested enough in this Doctor to care about where he goes or does.  It's an odd feeling, but it is what it is.

Writer's Block: Globetrotting
Nasir, Agron
If you were given the opportunity to spend two weeks in any country in the world free of charge, which country would you choose, and why?

Since getting into Doctor Who, and BBC America - I must admit, I have become quite the fan of Brits and the UK : )  And if I honestly could spend 2 weeks there, I would be searching for a way to stay.  I want to sit for a spell in every pub, and every bookstore and every cafe I can find, and just people watch and absorb a bit of the rhythym of life in another country.

Maybe someday I will have the opportunity.  Until then, a girl can dream....

Writer's Block: Going boldly
Nasir, Agron
If you could be any Star Trek character, who would you be, and why?

Are you kidding?

She is a gorgeous woman, half-Betazoid, and she lands a good looking man like Riker!  What is there not to like?  She is also the Captain's confidante, as well as a trusted officer in her own right.  Except for that thankfully short experiment with dating a Klingon - I mean seriously, WTF? - she has the kind of career and life that I would love to eperience.  Beam me up, Miles!

Writer's Block: Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble
Nasir, Agron
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

My Fit is named Lit'l Rosebud!

My Fit!


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